About Tony


I’m Anthony D’Orazio III.

I mention my name, because that’s how it’s going to look on your ballot in November.  But, from now on, you can call me Tony.

I’m running for United States Congress in the 25th Congressional District of New York, covering Monroe County, representing the Libertarian Party.  Here’s why:

For many years, I have contemplated a run for Congress.  In fact, I first had this thought in 1996, soon after I first moved to the Rochester area.  I was not eligible for a congressional run in 1996, because I was too young.

As I have gotten older, I have watched employers leave this town for greener pastures.  I’ve watched prices of gas and milk and eggs and housing and education skyrocket.  I’ve watched our civil liberties evaporate in the name of security.  During this very long election cycle, where we started having presidential debates last year, I have seen a rhetoric of increased loss of civil liberties and economic proposals that would prove disastrous.

One thing I haven’t noticed is a change in the leadership this community is sending to Washington. It’s time for a change.  It’s time for someone who knows how to fight for liberty.  It’s time for someone who has read the United States Constitution and believes what it says. It’s time for someone who will listen to you and communicate with you, even if the message isn’t always the best.  It’s time for someone to change the conversation in Washington to be less about what the government can do, and more about what YOU can do!

I am that someone.  Send me to Washington, and I will represent you and your liberties.