I Want Liberty in Congress!

My Platform

I've listed six of my most important platform points here. Take a look and I know that you will realize that I am the only candidate that will uphold the Constituion and protect your personal liberties.


The federal government should not be involved in abortion at all. This a decision that women have to make with her doctor, not the government.


I want everyone to be capable of achieving the American Dream. Immigrants should undergo a disease and security check and immediately become able to contribute to the community.

Religious Freedom

I am in favor of religious freedom, as constitutionally declared. I am not in favor of discrimination, however and will oppose any bill that strips liberties from anyone.

The 4th Amendment

The 4th Amendment has been pushed aside and I will fight to get it back. The Patriot Act violates the 4th Amendment and our security, and I know Monroe County won't stand for it.

National Defense

I support and honor the troops, and I know the best way to do that is to bring them back to their families. We need to scale back overseas military operation and foreign aid so that we can focus on the problems we have here in the United States.

The Economy

The 25th District has suffered because of businesses moving out due to high taxes and export costs. I will cut taxes and help create free trade so that businesses and manufacturing will return to upstate New York and I will make sure your family members are employed in high-paying jobs again.

Want to Volunteer/Donate or Find Out More?

If you're interested in volunteering or donating to restore the Constitution and personaly liberties of the 25th District of New York, follow the White Button. If you need more info, follow the Red!

Campaign Happenings

I'm committed to connecting with all of the members of my district, and it starts here. Here's my blog posts that detail some campaign information, information about me and happenings in the 25th.

ByTony D'Orazio for Congress May 26, 2016

WROC – April 30 – Anthony D’Orazio representing Libertarian Party as candidate

Here is a link to our very first story.  More to come. http://www.rochesterfirst.com/news/local-news/anthony-dorazio-representing-libertarian

ByTony D'Orazio for Congress Apr 29, 2016

Press Release – D’Orazio Announces Candidacy

A little later than we hoped, but today, we went live with this website, which still has a few little kinks, but is mostly fantastic.  I must th

ByTony D'Orazio for Congress Apr 11, 2016

One Week Away From Launch

In one week, we will launch our campaign for a better Monroe County, a better New York, and a better United States.  Join us in liberty.